Star Wars Episode 7 News

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

George Lucas Will Donate Most of the $4 Billion for Education.

A spokesman of LucasFilm shared with THR what George Lucas intends to do with the $4 billion from the Disney deal.

Mark Hamill Interview With EW.

 EW got a chance to speak with Luke Skywalker and here's what he had to share about the new trilogy.

Star Wars Future Uncertain at Dark Horse Comics?

IGN reached out to Dark Horse for comment, who responded with this statement from president Mike Richardson:

Lucas Biographer: The New Trilogy is Most Exciting!

Only two days since the big news, more interesting facts appear.

Lucas biographer Dale Pollock shared some interesting bits about the initial idea of the SW saga.

Disney Promo: Darth Vader What Are You Going to Do Next?

Darth at Disneyland!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Episode VII Will Be an Original Story.

According to an eonline source the next trilogy will be based on an original story. Many fans still had hope that they'll see their favorite novel "Thrawn Trilogy" on the big screen but considering the aged cast this news does make sense.

Disney Acquisition Will Not Affect Star Wars 1313.

IGN got a chance to talk with LucasArts about one of the most anticipated games for next year. Here's what they said:

George Lucas Talks About the Deal.

After the huge news, George Lucas discusses the real deal.

Disney Buys LucasFilm. Star Wars Episode VII is Coming in 2015!

Continuing its strategy of delivering exceptional creative content to audiences around the world, The Walt Disney Company has agreed to acquire Lucasfilm Ltd. in a stock and cash transaction. Lucasfilm is 100% owned by Lucasfilm Chairman and Founder, George Lucas. Under the terms of the agreement and based on the closing price of Disney stock on October 26, 2012, the transaction value is $4.05 billion, with Disney paying approximately half of the consideration in cash and issuing approximately 40 million shares at closing. The final consideration will be subject to customary post-closing balance sheet adjustments.