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Thursday, November 22, 2012

John Favreau Gets A Vote From Kevin Smith For The Director Chair. Chris Hemsworth Talks Star Wars. And More...

In a recent interview with John Favreau we got the impression that he has a great desire to direct one of the upcoming Star Wars sequels. Considering that he doesn't have a big upcoming project makes this possibility real. And Favreau just got a support from actor/director Kevin Smith.


 Here's what the director of Dogma aka Silent Bob had to say:

 I agree with Kevin on this, Iron Man was great piece of work but I'm not completely sure after the bad taste from Iron Man 2 and especially Cowboys & Aliens.

 Actor and director Edward Burns and Chris Hemsworth also commented on the new trilogy.

Ed Burns interview (via Esquire):

ES: Are you directing the Star Wars Disney sequels?
EB: No.
ES: Because you don't want to, or you haven't been asked?
EB: If they asked me, I guess I would have to do it.
ES: You would?
EB: Well, it'd be very hard to say no. I'm not thinking creatively. I'm thinking financially.
ES: You could make a lot of indie movies with that paycheck.
EB: But even with the money, I don't know. I loved Star Wars as a kid, but that's not my thing. I haven't even seen the second series of films, the prequels.
ES: That alone should make you the top contender. You've never heard of Jar Jar Binks?
EB: I have a vague idea who you're talking about.
ES: Please direct the sequels. Star Wars needs you.
EB: I don't think I have a choice. I can't imagine I'm a guy anywhere near the top of their list.
ES: Because they don't want to set Star Wars in Long Island with a bunch of working-class Irish Catholics?
EB: Their instincts are probably correct.
ES: What's your personal opinion about the sequels? Is it a good idea to keep the Star Wars franchise alive, or are they killing what's left of the magic?
EB: I think it's a great idea. Look at Skyfall. It's probably the best James Bond sequel ever, and certainly the most financially successful. We only got to that by suffering through sequels that weren't as strong. It takes time, but sometimes the wait is worth it. In this age, when everything is re-branded, when you've got a property as valuable as Star Wars, why not take a gamble? What's the worst thing that can happen? You make a lousy movie that makes a billion dollars.

Chris Hemsworth interview (via MTV):

MTV: With all of these franchises, do you have room for one more? Star Wars is gearing up again!

Hemsworth: Oh man, I love those films. That's the sort of bread and butter of my film experience as a kid. I would love to work on something like that. I also loved "Lord of the Rings." I would have loved to have done something in that world.

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