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Monday, January 21, 2013

First Disney - Star Wars Collaboration on ABC?

 There was a certain homage to Star Wars on tonight’s episode of ABC’s fairytale drama Once Upon A Time. It was just a music theme but could it evolve into something more? Read more after the break...

Incorporating Star Wars into the show (ABC's Once Upon A Time) is tricky as it takes place almost elusively in fairytale world — past and present. But the first chance the producers had to introduce Star Wars since the Lucasfilm acquisition — a guy from Pennsylvania driving into fairytale Storybrooke — they took it. When the stranger’s cell phone rang, its ringtone was the Star Wars theme. The homage shouldn’t come as a surprise — Once Upon A Time creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis are self-professed “massive Star Wars fans.” As for Darth Vader and Co. making an appearance on Once, it is not that farfetched following tonight’s episode which established that characters from worlds other than fairytale land (like Dr. Frankenstein) can find their way into Storybrooke. Maybe that includes a galaxy far, far away…
Looks like the wheels are already spinning and Disney are working on full throttle to incorporate the Star Wars legacy to it's purpose. Especially after last week report of Star Wars being considered to appear on the TV screen as a live action show


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