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Thursday, May 9, 2013

UPDATE! Few Possible Names for Future Star Wars Projects.

Recently Lucasfilm has registered several interesting domain names for future Star Wars projects...

The names are:

Star Wars Alliance
Star Wars Rebels
Star Wars Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack Adventures
Order 67
Bothan Spies
Gungan Frontier 2, 3, 4
Wookie Hunters

 All of them redirect you to the official site. Considering that this happens only few days after the announcement that Electronic Arts will handle the future of Star Wars games probably means that these are possible names of games. And they sound like games.

Source: fusible 

Some explanations from about some of the names:
First off, since Lucasfilm registered the domains (not EA), it’s possible that some of them could be attributed to cartoon series or even feature film landing pages. Still, one game series is  immediately apparent – with three Gungan Frontier titles listed. It’s worth noting this does not mean that EA is currently planning three Gungan Frontier games but registering the domains no doubt indicates that Disney has long term plans for the series – with Gungan Frontier 2 likely on the way. For anyone unfamiliar with the original Gungan Frontier game, the title was a 1999 SimCity-like experience on PC that tasked players with planting organisms (animals and vegetation) on the Naboo moon of Ohma-D’un. Whether or not EA intends to actually deliver a kid-friendly SimCity spinoff with Star Wars (specifically Gungan) assets, is unclear at this time – especially since they could be using the title for a Farmville-esque mobile game instead.
The other titles don’t have direct correlation with existing game series – so, as mentioned, they could be serving Lucasfilm projects in another medium. The Star Wars Alliance and Star Wars Rebels domains are pretty general and, if they do point to a video game, it’s probably the same project – which may not have a definitive title yet. That said, while Star Wars Wolf Pack, Wolf Pack Adventures, and Wookie Hunters, are equally nondescript at this point – they’ll likely fall into a kid-friendly category (either as a game or TV series).
By far the most interesting listing in the batch, and one with the most appeal to hardcore gamers (and film fans), is Order 67 – which correlates with a future-set Expanded Universe story whereby the Third Jedi Order (founded by Luke Skywalker descendant Cade Skywalker) cooperates with the New Sith Order. The Order 67 story would serve as an intriguing premise for an action-oriented game experience (or action-heavy movie) and not exactly the kind of setup that would be a fit for casual or mobile platforms – should it turn out to even be a video game.


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