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Friday, June 21, 2013

More Details on Star Wars: Rebels.

Again Bleeding Cool revealed some more details about the upcoming Disney XD animation series Star Wars: Rebels...

The new animated series Star Wars: Rebels was announced a month ago by Lucasfilm. The series will be set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. 
Now, according to Bleeding Cool:

The title of Lucasfilm’s upcoming animated series Star Wars: Rebels is loaded with extra meaning.

Not only is the show about the formation of the Rebel Alliance, but the title also riffs on the main characters. I’ve learned that most of them are teenagers. 

Don’t expect a Jar-Jar character, just a lot of youthful protagonists being teens at the same time as sci-fi heroes. And maybe the older audience will also dig the appearances from characters we already know…

The TV series will feature many of the key players that made Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Fans attending Star Wars Celebration Europe will be the first to get an exclusive look at the show.

Source: bleedingcool


  1. I thought it was suppost to be after episode 6? Was'nt it.

    1. Nope, it's set between Episode 3 and Episode 4. The Empire won at the end of Episode 3 hence the period after that is the formation and the struggle of the rebels.
      I believe there will be another media that will connect Episode 6 with Episode 7. Probably comic books.

    2. Thanks for the information man. I alwase did want them to do something between those to episodes.

    3. i'm pretty sure they're going to have Starkiller in it because he saves the rebel leaders in the force unleashed 1 + 2. It will be interesting to see where they go with this, but that's who I would put my money on.

    4. Starkiller would have to be in it. He helped form the Rebel Alliance, so his appearance would be mandatory.

  2. I hope if they do it after the 3 that Ahsoka and captain Rex come out!

  3. I hope none of the mentioned charatures are in it. The force unleashed was week and i didnt think much of clone wars.
    I realy love the eu stuff set after jedi but i believe it would be for the best if disney just ignored it all andgave it a fresh start.