Star Wars Episode 7 News

Friday, July 26, 2013

New Cast Rumors for Star Wars: Episode 7.

Some more possible Star Wars: Episode 7 cast rumors this time coming from Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron in, Leonardo Di Caprio out? Gosling denies...

Direct quote from the source:
About a two months ago my source informed me that they were going to start filming in Pinewood, but I really never paid any mind to it and now it ends up being true that they will indeed film there. I was also told that a MAJOR film star went in for a meeting, that star was Leo DiCaprio. And now I’m told that he’s out.A little while ago I was told that two names have been thrown around a lot, and that another star went in last week.The two stars are none other than…
As for what role Efron would be playing, we don’t know. He could be a Solo kid. But what I was told for sure is the Gosling went in for Skywalker’s son. Yes, that’s right Luke’s kid.Interesting thing is that Episode 7 is taking place thirty years after Return of the Jedi.Things are going to start heating up in the next month. And no way is J.J. Abrams leaving Episode 7 for Star Trek 3. Its very possible though he does just one movie in the new trilogy.
Ryan Gosling rep made a simple comment on the news:

"This is not true."

I'm not sure what to think. Personally I can't imagine famous stars playing key roles in the new trilogy. I prefer to see some new names in the lead and the famous stars in the background as they did with all previous movies.

 Stay tuned for D23 in August. Real news are coming...



  1. I have heard some rumors going around on Twitter and a few other sites that an "insider" claims Disney and Abrams are looking at an unknown actor named Nicholas Gobel for a key role! I can't find any information on him though!

  2. Zac Efron? Ryan Gosling? Yeah, right. And while you're on it, why not cast the Twilight trio, Nicholas Cage and the whole effin smurf village aswell? Stupid rumor.

  3. Luke has a son? Dislike.

  4. Yeah. His name is Ben. Try reading a book in the EU...

  5. Actually, it has been stated that the books are not going to be used at all, though it is likely that his son's name will be Ben, if it is a son and not a daughter. The reason I am confident that it is about his kids, is that Star Wars is a story about the Skywalker family, they aren't just going to grab some random wookie and call it Star Wars: Episode VII: GRRRRRRRRR!!!

  6. I always thought Luke was gay