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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

J.J. Abrams Moves Part of the Star Wars: Episode 7 Post Production to LA. He Would Have Loved to Film in Australia.

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When few months ago Kathleen Kennedy announced that the production for Star Wars: Episode VII would take place in the U.K., J.J. Abrams openly voiced his disappointment. He said that the move to the UK would be an inconvenience to his wife and kids. Now it looks like he found a way to overcome this little obstacle...

An insider tells THR that Bad Robot's Santa Monica facility is adding a green room, sound studios and other upgrades specifically for "Episode VII.
It appears that the director is building a work-around designed to keep at least a portion of the movie's production closer to home. According to one insider, Abrams -- who has shot all of his films in Los Angeles (he even personally covered some of Star Trek Into Darkness' costs in order to keep production local) -- is converting a portion of his Bad Robot headquarters into production spaces built specifically for the Star Wars project.
bad robot
 A green room, sound studios and other new facilities will be developed within the three-story, 18,000-square-foot Santa Monica building, which already includes editing bays, a workshop for making props, a screening room that can double as a set and Abrams' personal suite of offices. Star Wars: Episode VII is set to be released in 2015 by Disney. Bad Robot and Disney declined comment. 

Source: THR 

In another interview  Abrams said he would have loved to have made Episode 7 in Australia.

George Lucas directed the last two Star Wars films in Sydney and the Australian film industry was hoping the multi-billion dollar science-fiction franchise to return.
"I think we are already supposed to be shooting it in England, but, gosh, I'd love to return. It is one of the only places I have ever gone where within hours I called my wife and said 'We should move here. This was just three hours after landing in Sydney."

Source: skynews


  1. Great. Although i am european star wars fan not us patriot etc. but i think all US blockbusters movies should be shot in US! If not soon all of blockbusters will be filmed in China. And they will profit from tourism, jobs, technology development etc. UK at least is part of Europe so i am happy. But still Hollywood is USA and should stay mainly in US! One of most profitable business after oil, gas, weapons and drugs i guess.

  2. Can someone pro in movies or something explain for what are all these things please?

    For example green room? For what they will use it?

    sound studios? editing bays? workshop for making props?

    screening room that can double as a set?

    18,000-square-foot.... is that huge?

    Thanks a lot if you can explain all these things.

  3. "Bad Robot and Disney declined comment"

    Naturally, naturally.

  4. Greenrooms are for CGI scenes. Or computer generated. Real actors can be surrounded by a green walled room making it easier for special effects to be added after.

    The rest are all pretty much exactly what they sound like. A sound studio manages the sound in the movie. Editing is for... editing the film.

    A workshop for props is a department that handles things like set decoration. Which cover a broad spectrum of items from cups to blaster pistols. Basically objects essential to the movie.

    A screening room is a small theater like room in which you can sit and watch the early (or any) film on. Doubling as a set simply means the room can easily be converted for use in filming certain scenes.

    As for 18,000 square feet being huge... I can honestly say I've no clue. I don't follow movie production enough to compare it to other studios.

  5. A green room is a studio with a wall or a set of walls or structures colored green. They use these to film actors performing scenes in locations that either do not exist or are hard to locate. Remember the lightsaber battle in the lava scene of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith? All green screen. After filming the scene, they use computer programs to insert computer-generated scenes into the areas that are green. Sound studios are similar to what recording artists use to record their music in. People in a room speaking or making noise on one side of a wall, while on the other side the sound engineers adjust what is being heard to a specific tone quality based upon what the production team is looking for. Workshop for making props....self explanatory I think. Editing bays are used for looking at specific sections of film and changing things like inserted sound, scenes, or whether section will appear in the main movie, in the cut-scenes section on the DVD release or not at all. A screening room is usually wear an actor/actress or group come in to read lines and/or perform scenes to see if they will be chosen for the movie. They can also be used to test how a scene might play out before using the actors on the actual set. If the screening room is large enough, it can be used as an actual set for filming scenes. 18,000 feet is relatively large, but it seems a little small in my opinion. To give you an idea, the average football field is 57,600 square feet (including the endzones). The amount of space that Bad Robot's facilities would take is up is around a third of that. Compare that to the nearly 1 MILLION square feet that the Pinewood Studios provides and you get a real idea of the difference in size. But. He has shot all of his big films in L.A. So, maybe bigger isn't always necessary...

  6. Thanks a lot guys. To both Anonymous.

    ps Buy the way i have idea to Viral let's all fans here to be with star wars name. It's so easy. I mean just pick name/url write your favorite star wars character and is done. Very very easy.

    1. Great idea. The anonymous thing is very annoying.
      Although if we do that the blog will be overrun by posts from Boba Fetts and Vaders. :)

    2. yep you are right. Still we can write some original star wars names. But i guess traffic in this site will get bigger and bigger as close 2015 release date is. I make some PR stuff in latino review site. Advertising. I think this is best star wars fan site with most news.

      For example JJ Abrams and john williams picture was first here and only few places after that. I think this site will be a lot more popular in 1 year from now. Even next year when shoting start will be insane.

  7. ps for second Anonymous

    One more question so for what they use these 18,000-square-foot or 1 MILLION square feet that the Pinewood Studios in UK? And in UK will they use other locations, i mean real locations than Pinewood Studios? A week ago in jedinews report say that ireland want part of star wars to be shot there so they can attract tourist later and will give tax cuts to disney.

    Thanks a lot onceagain. A lot pf educated fans in this site. quality.

  8. The two different sites have all the same things: green rooms, editing bays, workshops, screening rooms, etc. But. Pinewood has much more. Check out their site to see what capabilities they have. You will see why they are so popular with big movies.

    The article about Ireland is nothing new. Countries, states, cities, etc. all want a movie to be produced in their location because it boosts tourism money. When a movie is produced on location like that, the entire group practically lives there for the whole time. While they live there, they spend money there. So it isn't just fans who come to visit, it's the people working on the movie too...think of all the names in the credits. That is a LOT of people that come to town. Just imagine if they have to stay for weeks or months. All that money stays local. As a "gift," the local government will give a tax break to the production group to lower their costs. They figure the money that the people would spend while living there would make up the difference. Sometimes this is this case and sometimes not. It depends on the tax code and how much local living costs are. A good example is the location used for the town Superman grew up in the movie Man of Steel. The actual city used for Smallville was Plano, IL. I believe the production crew stayed for about 3 months, but someone may want to double check me on that. If you the city of Plano, IL, you will see just how small of a place it is. You can imagine how much it benefitted financially from having a big movie like that filmed there. Remember. The benefits continue even after the movie crew has left town. Now this tiny town is famous and everyone goes to have their picture taken in "Smallville." The same thing goes for locations used in other famous movies. Fun fact: Did you know that the desert home that Luke Skywalker grew up in was actually a former hotel? It was. Imagine being the scout who discovered that in the middle of the Tunisian desert!

  9. Latino review just add:
    All of post-production and re-shoots are to work around Abrams and Actors schedules. 90% of shooting in London. Also they are building the Millennium Falcon on at Pinewood. Interior is done.

    Millennium Falcon yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    1. sorry but if Millennium Falcon is back chewbacca is back tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

      I LOVE STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And chewbacca is GOD.

  10. I write first part after that copy opinion if one star wars fan from this site. Opinion that i like a lot. Post it in latino revuew and here. I hope you like it. Fun reading.

    Star wars will kill all Marvel and DC movies in 2015 and will be highest grossing movie of the year and may be even highest grossing movie of all time. Star wars won't be just entertaining like marvels and DC films! Expect a lot of mythology in it (more than in original trilogy) and great new characters with writer like Michael Arndt and best sci fi creator JJ Abrams. This will be best sci fi movie of the decade. If darth vedar is there even for one second will be best news ever.More sith lords please. As many siths - the better! NO politics.

    i think the plot should be what mr.lucas already has imagined in his head :) he had ideas for 7-9 already in the 70s & in his own words: "it would be about an elderly Luke Skywalker passing on the torch, having a obi wan type role"

    & that is exactly what i want to see: A bearded Hamill, training new jedi & to see Leia as a jedi also.
    -i want too see an original story, something NEW, not anything from the EU (although i don´t care if the borrow names from it)-If they did the EU that would NOT be something NEW, but they already said it is an original story

    Hopefully familiar design from original trilogy on vehicles etc. .. Hopefully forceghosts: Obi Wan, Qui Gon, Anakin & YODA (as a puppet) :) & as many as possible from the orginal cast, to see what has happened to their lives.

    & in my opinion it doesn´t need to be dark at all, it could be about a bright future for the galaxy, new generations building up, but of course i want lightsaber duels so some kind of villain needs to be there & maybe we can see some new lightsaber colours?

    & finally i would very much like to see Warwick Davis in many roles, maybe as a villain? & maybe wicket decides to leave endor & travel in space with the crew of millennium falcon? & yes, as much screentime as possible for the MILLENIUM FALCON !!! :)

  11. Shame about the inconvenience to his wife and kids but if they are more important to him then they should have gone with another director who is 100% more committed to making this film instead of worrying about dragging his family around the world with him.

    1. Yea because building his production company for star wars is not committment. I never heard Abrams to do this for LOST(best sci fi drama of all time) or any of his successful sci fi TV shows. Not and for movie blockbusters like star trek or mission impossible 3 and 4! 90% STILL will be shot in UK that is more than enoght for UK! Need to learn about POST-PRODUCTION?!

  12. I guess you miss that info was in this site too :
    JJ is making next 10 years ONLY star wars movies.

    He will direct all 3 in star wars trilogy and produce with lucasfilm all standalone star wars films.

    "And while Kathleen Kennedy will be the managing core of the franchise Abrams will be the creative core through which everything will pass."

    JJ Abrams is king of sci fi and Kathleen Kennedy is most successful film producer EVER! Expect Billions $ and even more important best sci fi movies with a lot of mythology . Way better than Marvel and DC films.

    ps I guess he still will produce his tv shows.

    1. I'm sure that even Disney and J.J. doesn't know if he'll be directing the next movies. All I know is that he will be greatly involved with the upcoming games, TV series and spin-off movies.

    2. Abrams is best in creating/developing sci fi. Even if not directing he still will create/develope. You can bet on STAR WARS TV SHOW with Abrams no doubt about that! But news today that Disney want star wars movie every year is too much even for best movie producer Kathleen Kennedy and master of sci fi JJ Abrams. I mean trilogy should stay in 3 years time 2015 2018 2021 and between them ONE standalone star wars film. This is best option for me. So 2015 SW7 2016 spin off 2017 pass and again 2018 SW8 2019 spin off 2010 pass i think this is best way to go.