Star Wars Episode 7 News

Saturday, September 14, 2013

New Star Wars Novels to be Tied in With Episode 7 and the Spin-Off Movies.


With a new Star Wars movie just around the corner, Star Wars editor Shelly Shapiro revealed what the future of the book line might hold...

Shelly Shapiro is Editor at Del Rey, responsible for the Star Wars fiction line. Here's what she told "suvudu" about the upcoming Star Wars books:
What kinds of things can we look forward to in the world of Star Wars fiction?
We’ve got the excitement of a whole new Star Wars future unfolding as information about the new movies rolls out, and I anticipate that we will be brimming over with ideas for new fiction tying in to the new continuity both of Episodes VII, VIII, and IX, and of the standalone movies that have been announced. Not to mention the new upcoming REBELS animated series. So lots more novels, more series, more original e-books and stories…
Shelly Shapiro

There's nothing better than a good Star Wars novel. Looking forward to these. The full interview at Suvudu


  1. Will these be canon? Not that I mind. I kind of just look at it like Marvel/DC alternate universes.

  2. Yeah yeah ok....

    But will the upcoming movies outdate or contradict the current canon? This I would like to know more than anything else.

  3. Wondering how they will either coexist with or write over existing EU novels set in the post Episode VI era.

  4. They've said the movies will be an original story based on the movie franchise. So the EU is being overwritten. So yes... expect the new novels and movies to completely contradict and basically ignore the EU.

    Which I'm fine with honestly... Star Wars novels have been great but they themselves have contradicted and become far to numerous to even bother with them. They need freedom to channel whatever they need to make the new trilogy awesome.

    Some people think they may borrow some themes and names but I think that'd just be rubbing salt into the wounds of EU fans. Do you want Mara Jade to be a non force using Rodian? Yeah me either. Best to leave them out if they aren't going to follow the novels.

  5. They can still use the characters without changing them and write new stories for them. Just leave the EU as an Alternate Reality. Hardcore Star Wars fans want to see Mara Jade included in the new movies, even a stand-alone movie would be great.

  6. I just think of all the dangers of screwing up our perceptions of the EU characters. Heck I thought some of the books took the characters to unrealistic and or poorly developed places... Mara Jade is easily one of my favorite EU characters. I'd hate for them to get her wrong...

    Then again... they could make her better too. I'm still just leery of the movies being awful. That's my main concern. It's an amazing Universe you'd think would be impossible to get wrong... but it's been done plenty of times :(

  7. Lets hope they don't use Crystal Star as a template.

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