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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rumor: A New (Old) Potential Title for Star Wars: Episode 7 and More Plot Details.

luke skywalker

Last year we've heard some rumors about a potential Star Wars Episode 7 title. That happened only few weeks after Disney bought Lucasfilm and that's why the credibility of that rumor was questionable. Now another source claims that he have heard the same title as one of the many considered by Disney for the upcoming movie. Along that some more rumored plot details have been revealed...


Treat this as a rumour, but as of right now I have two sources confirming this information as accurate. So with that in mind, I bring it to you.
Here is what I heard from my source:
“…title I’m hearing is A New Dawn.”
So I sat on this for a few days and contacted a number of sources and awaited a response, then not long ago I received contact from another of my sources confirming it. 
“there will be many potential titles by now, but yes that is a title I have heard mentioned. So do with that what you will.”
The mails I received from the source who gave me this information, also elaborated on a number of key things when I pressed for more details.
“… yes the falcon will make a big appearance, 1.1 scale size cross section is being constructed over at Pinewood, along with a power plant set and the famous cantina.”
millenium falcon

Personally I think this title is too generic and trivial and won't fit the new movie and Disney's ambitious plans. If you remember this is not the first time we've heard rumors about the "New Dawn" possibility. 

Take a look at the previous report which revealed "New Dawn" as a possible title and some plot details which were released too soon after Disney bought Lucasfilm to be credible. Still there were some interesting points which fit with some other recent rumors:

From marketsaw:
Disney now has the power to make STAR WARS films, and everything else in the Lucasfilm archives. The movies I told you about are indeed the primary focus. Luke Skywalker is a primary focus, as are many of the original trilogy cast. Disney also realized that George Lucas and STAR WARS are one and the same, so George will certainly have a voice on any angle taken, in fact I believe it's one of many stipulations. However he will no longer have creative control, and as I said before George was already looking at other creative talents to bring his canon to life back before Disney and Lucasfilm really started negotiating (or at least to the best of my knowledge)..."
george lucas
"Way back when I told you about the new movie trilogy planned, I never explained to you that they were being rewritten from previously secret drafts from way back during the making of the original trilogy. The main problem was the age of the cast, and the tone of the story. Now I do believe that Walt Disney intend on playing to the cultural significance of that original trilogy. You will see a tone more in line with the original trilogy, and specifically featuring that cast, if everything shakes out as intended. Which it will, I promise you.
You can expect to hear more news on the live action TV show in the near future, as the scripts already written will be absorbed in some way into a TV format. The nature of the show and the technical requirements needed to meet a TV budget and schedule are pretty ambitious. Basically they are 45 minute long feature films. With concepts that are very ambitious and the fact that it focuses on characters that are not known and are completely different to what people may have in mind about a STARWARS TV show. This was the problem at the time, and I am pretty sure this is still a problem. At least on the live action front. I am told that soon there will be some kind of material released relating to shot footage and tests on that concept. So look out for that.
star detroyer
I don't believe the empire was completely destroyed by the end of Return of the Jedi.
Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, C3PO and R2D2 are I am assured to feature prominently in the new trilogy, as was always the idea. Apparently some have already been approached. Quite a while back too to my understanding. Hamill is a certainty. 
There are two trilogies planned, all following an original overview by Lucas, which was always planned as a multi generational saga. Movies 10 - 12 are from my understandingabout the offspring of the Skywalkers, set many years later with the surviving cast playing much older versions of themselves and featuring a female protagonist named Skywalker. This is something that I understand is being discussed as the latest trilogy may end up being an amalgamation of the two using themes and ideas from both, but still keeping the general story, also allowing for continuity of cast.
female cast
The movies from what I understand will adopt the Harry Potter model, and will be aggressively brought to the forefront of popular entertainment once again with consistent installments. This is just for starters though, especially for those who hold the original trilogy in high regard, they should be happy. You can expect lovingly restored prints of the original trilogy to surface in the near future. That's a no brainer. I along with the rest of the world want those movies in their original glory. Disney are all over that, believe me. 
From my understanding the movies that follow will be far more in line with the original trilogy in regards to tone and method.

Take this as you will but have in mind that the above info was released in November 2012. And still there are some points that sound credible - for example the original cast and the female protagonist... 


  1. WTF!!! If this info turns out to be jive! I'm definitely out of this site!! If it is genuine...damn!!!

  2. New Dawn is good BUT not GREAT title. Star Wars 7 need to be great.

    "A new era" is what i like. Also "New empire" and "revenge of the sith" !!!

  3. This:

    1. ps Title there is "Legasy of the shadows"

      with ellen page Karl Urban and liam hemsworth



      Really great poster! FAN POSTER!

  4. Blue Harvest. A bunch of Jedi with blue lightsabers making hay.

    1. OH MY GOD BLUE HARVEST. Hilarious idea, can you imagine.

  5. If JJ Abrams will be the Episode VII's director, this could be named Star Wars Episode VII: Star Trek. Live long and prosper and may the Force be with us!

  6. Well... I mean come on. Attack of the Clones? It's better than that clunker. I like some of the outlines but I'm still not sure of the returning cast. This is really going to be one hell of a juggle... I would not want to be Disney or Abrams.

    That said... I still can't wait to see if I'm disappointed beyond belief, blown away or just pleasantly surprised.

  7. It will be "_______ of the ________".
    Meaning, the phrase "of the" will be in there somehow, some way.

    1. How about "Title of the Movie"?
      haha jk

  8. Star wars always were family movies so title can't be dark or aggressive. Episode 7 will add all new generation of kids to the franchise. And kids with their parents are making disney billions $$$$!!!!

  9. Dark Lords of the Sith

    1. I mean:

      Star Wars episode 7: Dark Lords of the Sith

    2. The last SW movie has the word "Sith" in it already.
      C'mon, man, use your head for something else besides a hat rack.

  10. Title is important but not that much as storyline and cast. As long as they cast hailee steinfeld i will be happy. But even without her i won't cry. I am not crazy star wars/marvel/DC fanboy.

  11. The Star Wars: Dark tag has something going for it. Think, think. Star Wars: Dark Lords. No. Star Wars: The Inner Darkness. No. Got it! Star Wars: Into Darkness. Genius.

    Oh, hang on...

    Sorry people, it probably sounded funnier in my head. Being serious, Star Wars (etc): A New Dawn is weak. However, I doubt if we're even close to a title yet. As for the rest, I just hope the team behind Ep 7 pick up on the Empire bit. It was always nonsense that the Empire would just collapse because of Palpatine's death, even taking the Sith manipulator thing into account. There would be ambitious men and women looking to take his place or at least protect their little piece of the pie. The Expanded Universe had it about right - an ongoing war after ROTJ, the continuation of bits of the Empire, and no real chance of a return to the united galaxy of the Old Republic, which was probably never that good in the first place, beyond the propaganda (it would be interesting in a spin off to see some exploration of the dark corners of the Old Rep and the less than great qualities of the Jedi).

    1. A New Dawn, isn't that a vampire movie?

  12. When i read some fan sites i am start liking HATERS! Haters are > than fanboys! Haters at least know one thing they hate and that is. Star Wars/Marvel/DC fanboys are CANCER of 21 century. They are true disaster. They think that they are better writters than oscar award writters. They think that they are better directors than best creative brains in hollywood and they think that they are better producers than best producers who makes tons of money from that business. It's INSANE. I hope AT LEAST Avatar will stay OUT of this cancer - fanboys. AT least Avatar PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE

    WE DON'T NEED YOU - FANBOYS TO WATCH AVATAR 2! Thank you. You can watch star wars/Marvel/DC movies.

    ps Yes i was fanboy too.....once. But guess what i aged.

  13. Who cares about fanboys? Guys i am not the joker but "Why so serious, son?"

    The force is with us. So we need 2015, Popcorn And Coke. Oh and STAR WARS 7 even without title.

  14. It'll be a good movie. I can't really $ee a think tank of Michael Arndt, J J Abrams and George Lucas getting it that wrong..

    1. I will add kathleen kennedy! She is MOST succesfull movie producer in Hollywood of all time.

  15. They might use a variation of Heir to the Empire, without the movie having anything to do with the book. Think about it, some one has to take up Palp's old Throne at some point.

  16. Lucas has stated that every title/film is the opposite from the first to third in each trilogy so: Phantom Menace/A New Hope, Attack Of The Clones/The Empire Strikes Back, Revenge of the Sith/Return Of the Jedi, so following this model, episode 7 will be an opposite to A New Hope, so "A New Dawn" or variations of it seems plausible, my suggestion is: AN ANCIENT THREAT (if the Sith are to return) --Any thoughts on what ep.8 & 9 titles could be following this model ????

    [& regarding the plot:]
    i think the plot should be what mr.lucas already has imagined in his head :) he had ideas for 7-9 already in the 70s & in his own words: "it would be about an elderly Luke Skywalker passing on the torch, having a obi wan type role"

    & in my opinion it doesn´t need to be dark at all, it could be about a bright future for the galaxy, new generations building up, but of course i want lightsaber duels so some kind of villain needs to be there & as much screentime as possible for the MILLENIUM FALCON !!! :)

    [the two thoughts on the plot is taken from an earlier, longer comment by me, on what we would like to see in the new films]

    1. The problem with me is that I am an EU fan. So if it doesn't follow the books, I'll be upset (Even if it's based on what Lucas had in the 70's). In a perfect world, to me at least, this trilogy would be based on the Vong War. Then the next would be based on the Legacy of the Force series. BUT, that's just the opinion of an EU fan clinging to the hope that it will be based on the book. :(

  17. All of that stuff at the end of the post - the stuff from last November? The whole "featuring a female protagonist named Skywalker," and all the rest? It's already been debunked by Pablo on twitter, who also went so far as to LOL about it, saying that the author's ideas were "all over the place."

    As far as the potential title? Well, I find it a bit bland, myself, but I suppose anything's possible (especially if it's only a working title).

  18. I thought up of all three titles a while back. Keep in mind, these titles go with an earlier rumor that the movies will follow, in at least some part, the Legacy of the Force EU series.

    Ep. 7 - "The Bloodline of Heroes"
    Ep. 8 - "A Necessary Sacrifice"
    Ep. 9 - "Legacy of the Force"

  19. "Star Wars: A Dark Discovery", anyone?

    Or, it could be "Star Wars: Revenge Of The Mouse"...

    Anyway - even now, we can be pretty sure about some things, which'll be present in the new movie. With JJ in the director's chair, we can safely expect a prolonged EVA scene (probably a lightsaber duel, involving spacesuit-wearing protagonists falling towards the surface of a planet). About time, too:). None of the previous six movies featured a spacesuit (well - they do appear in "Clone Wars"). Wonder whether stormtrooper armour is suitable for EVA missions?...

  20. Star Wars: Episode VII - Rise

  21. 40 years after the battle of Endor...

    Luke is the Jedi master now...
    Two years after Endor the first Jedi he trained was Leia.
    Leia is a Jedi but does not practice, she is Queen of the New Republic.

    Han and Leia were married six months after Endor.

    Had twins three years after Endor. Jaina, and Jacen.

    Luke married also after Endor and his wife's name is unknown at this time she passed earlier unknown. Had one son Ben and is the same age as Jacen and Jaina. Ben and Jacen were best friends and also very close. And the family are all close Skywalker and Solo...

    Luke and unnamed Jedi trained Jacen Jaina Ben and Lando's daughter when they were young through their late teens.

    New Dawn opens and the children are in their early twenties post college age. All graduate Jedi's and have not been challenged yet. Think JJ's first star trek movie...

    There is no Rebellion and it is now called the New Republic.

    Scene: Yoda force ghost (puppet this time like empire), Obi One force ghost (Ian McGregor) appears to Luke. "Luke there is a tremor in the force" says Obi One...

    Terrorist attacks on the new republic unknown source. Think Sith...

    Storyline centers on Jacen... Jacen and Ben's relationship. Both are very close and are like brothers. Even though Jacen tends to be a loner, and also rebellious, like his father Han and has internal struggles. Ben is calm and reflective like his father. Ben and Jacen were very competitive with each other in their training. Often at times against each other. Each thinking one is more powerful than the other.

  22. Jacen left the order just before finishing. Went to parts unknown with the Millennium Falcon. His fathers gift prior to him leaving the order. Note Han and Jacen have problems... Leia blames it on Han... "Jacen you are just to much like your father." Leia states...
    Han and Leia have a love hate relationship. Provides some comedy for the movie.
    Terrorist attack which almost kills Leia at the beginning of the movie. She is injured...
    Jacen returns to Yavin to visit his mother after he learns of the attack. First time in years he is reunited with family. Han is reluctant on his return and so is Luke. Luke and Jacen's relationship, think early Luke and Yoda...
    Jaina and gang are exuberant on Jacen's return and so is Ben...
    Jaina has the mind of Leia and the riskiness of Han with a splash of pepper. You do not want to push her in a corner. However as a Jedi she is outwardly calm...
    Another terrorist attack while Jacen is on Yavin almost kills Jaina... She survives and recovers unharmed...
    Luke asks Ben and his young apprentices to go to <> and retrieve a <>, think Yoda's remark previously stated.... Luke thinks this will be their testing from the Jedi training.
    Jacen hears about this and offers Falcon as a ride because of the attacks on his mother and sister and also to go along. Han pleads with him not to go and says "its just to dangerous"...
    Luke is also concerned about Jacen going along...

    Jacen tells group Jaina, Ben, unknown and Lando's daughter "it is ok" and "Hey it's me", and they head out anyway in the Falcon to retrieve the unknown element.

    On the planet <> while retrieving the element they are met by three powerful Sith also with the goal of retrieving the same...

    Light saber duel erupts... Jacen still has his light saber... Unknown to Ben and the gang and it comes in handy...

    Sith are very powerful think lightning...

    Gang almost gets destroyed... Jacen saves group... Sith escapes...
    Jacen is angered more because of this calls them cowards...

    They retrieve the element... Jacen vows revenge, Ben says they should return to Yavin as they promised Master Luke. Ben says "Anger leads to hate Jacen!"... Jacen says he is going to find the cowards that tried to kill them and his mother... Ben and Jacen argue, Jaina pleads... Jacen wins argument by saying " I never promised anyone anything!"... Remains on planet...

    Falcon returns with gang and element without Jacen... Luke and Han learn of the events. Leia also learns of the event of Jacen staying through a force vision while recovering and begs Han and Luke to go and find him..."Han go and find our son!"... Han is reluctant because "Leia it was his choice to go not mine!"...

    Luke, Jaina, Han and unknown leave in the Falcon to find Jacen...

  23. Because we all know there will not be a Star Wars specific term (such as Jedi, Sith, Empire, Clones, etc) in the Episode VII title, see Episode's I and IV titles for this trend. So applying that logic/trend to the Ep VII title game! :)

    A New Dawn
    Shadows of the Past
    Ghosts of the Past
    A New Era
    A Spirit Reborn
    Spirits of the Past
    A New Legacy
    Shadows of Despair
    A Time of Despair

    You get the idea.