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Monday, September 23, 2013

Rumors: More on Ksenia Solo, Filming at Pinewood and Upcoming Announcements.

Again only rumors and nothing solid. This time they come from the UK site JediNews and their source named Jedi Master SQL. The same source also started the Kesnia Solo and Liam McIntyre rumor so it would be interesting to see how credible this guy is. I guess we'll find out soon... 

On possible upcoming official announcements: 

During the summer there was a lot of tension within certain ranks at Lucasfilm, especially regarding the pressure over no news announcements and the exceptionally high levels of fan expectation. The mood is very different now. My impression is that there is clarity and relaxation over what is happening. Expect quick movement on announcements, with continual announcements timed for the rest of the year.
This is their pre-determined method on how to control the media and satisfy the thirst for information. It will be drip fed out. That's why there were no major summer announcements, as there's no need to feed the hunger quite yet.

pinewood studios

On when filming is expecting to start at Pinewood Studios:

Hearing that Pinewood will be handed to Lucasfilm in November. Looking at late Feb, early March shoot. Disney already have control of all stages but there's currently no sign of Star Wars set design / build. There was one large medieval type set. It looked odd for the film being made, but not like Star Wars as we know it. Security was mild so unlikely to be Star Wars there yet.
This one directly contradicts with the rumors that the Millennium Falcon is being build at the studio.

ksenia solo

On Ksenia Solo's possible involvement with Episode 7:

 News regarding Ksenia Solo. She appears to be in the final consideration for a role in Episode VII. Her agent has refused to comment and despite being a daily tweeter has ignored everyone who has asked her, despite being very engaging with fans.
Source: jedinews


  1. As i said days ago. Expect JJ Abrams to be guest on jimmy fallon, jimmy kimmel, conan, daily show with jon stewart to promote his new sci fi show Almost human & "S" and 100% he will talk and about Star Wars in general, Star Wars 7, Star Wars stand alone films, Star Wars tv shows, star wars games etc. Expect a ton of star wars news. The book is release ict. 29 AH premiere is nov. 4th. So october expect tons of news. Not only casting news but star wars news in general. I want to hear about these spin off films and Star Wars tv shows. Marvel is with 2 tv shows ahead already.

    1. JJ Abrams is the king of denial and secrecy. Do you honestly think he is going to just give out things like casting on the new star wars film on talk shows while promoting his other projects? The only news we will get is announcements on the star wars website. And if he's promoting projects on talk shows, the last thing he is going to do is over shadow it with star wars news.

    2. That is true but he will need to say SOMETHING about Star Wars. There is NO WAY not to say news. Host will ask him again and again. He won't want i agree but he will need to talk about star wars.And i think that christopher nolan is king of secrecy. But yea they are both the same in that policy. But i like Marvel policy more.

  2. Man oh man. I keep thinking how badly I want these movies to be amazing. Then I think of being responsible for their quality. I would not want to be JJ. Abrams.

    I would however love to be a fly on the wall for EVERYTHING relating to the Star Wars films lol.

  3. I still can´t beilive the irony of Ksenia Solo possibly playing Solo daughter, so i´ll try this again: Let´s make anagrams of her first name, just for the FUN of it :) (for example Kinsae Solo) that could be a name for a Solo Daughter in the movie...

    My suggestions: ANIKES SOLO or SEKANI SOLO (incorporating the beginning of grandfathers name Anakin/Ani)

  4. I'd love Ksenia Solo get a role. She's great at comedy, emotion, action. She would be perfect for the daughter of Han/Leia.