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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Anthony Daniels Teases the Fans About Star Wars: Episode 7.


Anthony Daniels who played C-3PO in Star Wars is the only actor who was involved in all 6 movies. Now is it even possible Episode 7 to happen without the droid? Very unlikely. Still hit the jump to see what Daniels told the fans at this years' NYCC...

In a previous interview with the actor back in June it was obvious that still nobody has contacted him about the new trilogy.

Now at the beginning of his panel at NYCC the actor stated that he would not be spilling any secrets about the upcoming Episode VII because “Walls have ears. And we know what they look like. They’re very big ears…” 

However at one point during the Q&A with the fans intentionally or not he did spill some interesting bits (via JediNews):
Audience member: You’re the only actor who did all six movies.
AD: Yeah. I’m the only one who did all six movies.
Audience: And maybe seven?
AD: That was sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. There was a “Clones War” movie, I think, I’m not sure about that. I lose track. Yes, I’m the only actor to be in all seven, because either people died or they got –
[Audience gasps]
AD: Six, whatever!
AD: I didn’t mean it. [Daniels looks up, and begins speaking to George Lucas at the imaginary hidden cameras.] I was just teasing them! All right, I’ll see you later then.

r2-d2 c-3po

If this was a honest slip up and C-3PO does return it won't be a big surprise. Especially for a core character like himself. The question is if his part will be more important like in the Original Trilogy or something more like a link with the old movies like in the Prequel Trilogy. Either way if he is back then R2-D2 will surely be back too...


  1. well it's 7 movies with the clone war movie. That's daniels point.

  2. WAIT A MINUTE!!! Kenny Baker is also in all of the six Movies, doesn´t he count? Or maybe he doesn´t Count as an "actor" ? ANYWAYS: Mr.Lucas has said that the robots is the only characters featured in all films & that the story is told from their Point of view... So of course they will be in the new Movie, but if if the actors in the suit will be the same, that is Another question...

  3. I hope he will be in it and with R2 there, and on set, not as CGI. I watched the video of his panel thing and I think, by '7', he meant the clone wars film I'm not sure.

    1. Where can we see this Clone Wars video?

    2. Really? Are you serious?

  4. It would be fun if he returned, and that he had been deactivated the whole time between episode 6 and 7.

    1. Or...He had another memory wipe...THAT would be interesting.