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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

UPDATE! Star Wars: Episode 7 Twitter Buzz: More Rumored Announcements Expected + Previous Rumors Clarified.

luke skywalker

Check out the latest rumors about an upcoming announcements in the following days. Although the source proved to be credible in the past, one of the rumors is about "an announcement teaser featuring Luke". That sounds crazy, right?...

As crazy as it sounds still it's not impossible. Remember that J.J. Abrams loves to tease people with very early teasers. He did so with Cloverfield, Super 8 and several other TV projects.

I know that people are really sick of Episode 7 rumors but that's all we've got for you at this stage.

Here's what Ali Arikan posted on twitter:

Ali Arikan is considered to be credible. He had a good track record with some Prequel Trilogy rumors and also new what was going to happen at Celebration Europe II.

Later more people followed on the buzz:

Also on several occasions Jeremy Conrad from furiousfanboys stated that he know that the release date of Episode 7 will be on May 20, 2015. While release dates often change I never believed the rumors that the movie is scheduled for a December release. The May release date makes perfect sense (considering the previous 6 movies) but I doubt that the studio has already locked on a specific number.

Another tweet (not regarding Episode 7) from a Lucasfilm employee:

It's good to see the level of excitement at Lucasfilm. Obviously some good things are coming...


Some clarifications from Ali Arikan on a great deal of things:

And more teasing: 

I feel something is definitely coming... 


  1. "the release date of Episode 7 will be on May 20, 2014"

    2015, surely.

    "people are really sick of Episode 7 rumors"

    Not at all. But I am getting sick of these "official announcement is eminent" reports. We've been hearing this crap all freaking year.

  2. Well all we can do now is wait! And hope!

  3. "That boy is our only hope'"

    1. I agree. Add and Kathy Kennedy. I want to see Arndt as showrunner on some sci fi show why not star wars tv show.

  4. I'm not really tired of the rumors. I mean what else is there? You're just reporting what's circling the internet from notable sources. Nothing wrong with that. Not your fault they could be wrong/inaccurate.

  5. Rumors are what build the anticipation that everyone loves, so that when the actual information is released, it's much more exciting to recieve.

  6. Oh well. At least we'll be able to debunk this one by Saturday.

    Dear Disney: quit pandering to Marvel and give US some news.

  7. Reminds me of those signs in bars that say, "Free Beer Tomorrow".

  8. GREAT NEWS! It;s about time. We want CAST NAMES, TITLE, RELEASE DATE!!!

  9. I can't take this anymore, what with these Star Wars rumours and now with some "missing Doctor Who episodes" apparently recovered, is all to much, I can't sleep at night.

  10. Gotta say, almost all of these rumors seem like BS. Ali seems to have a few tidbits, but the majority of what he says is crap (I guarantee you that Ewan McGregor will NOT be back). Still, I hope that the Luke teaser is true...

    El Mayimbe very obviously doesn't know jack about jack when it comes to Episode 7.

  11. DOOOOO

    So much BS.

    It’s like that I have heard that jar jar will be in the NeXT Ewok movie,

  12. I am from Europe star wars fanbase so please Viral or someone else to explain to us(star wars fans all over the world) what is the point so many people to lie that they has info or they know something ets. Are they making money from these lies or image or just PR what? I can't get it.

  13. This is the same idiot who posted that big long BS summary as an anon on here a while back.

  14. It does seem about the time that a viral campaign should begin. At least release an official logo for the Sequel Trilogy.

    On another note, as much as I really liked Ewan McGregor in the Prequel Trilogy, I just don't know if there's much of a place for him in the Sequel Trilogy.

    Obviously he can't play a live Obi-Wan, unless he's cloned. Which I guess is possible considering the Clone Wars, but it just seems that it would be a pretty cheesy way to go.

    He can't play a Force Ghost, the last time we saw Obi-Wan's ghost he was played by an aged Alec Guiness. Unless they age him up, but aging make up never looks that good, and it wouldn't feel congruent with the Alec Guiness ghost in the Original Trilogy,

    I guess the best way for Ewan McGregor to make an appearance as Obi-Wan is through a hologram in the Jedi Library or something, but less would be more here. Using him sparingly in this context would be okay, with a stress on sparingly.

  15. so no news again or i can say false rumor again. I am going to sleep.

  16. Love the news and rumors, they are fine, actually enjoying wondering who will be cast. A Mark Hamill teaser would be great. I just hope the film doesn't SUCK with a capital POS like the prequels did. Good grief I hope Abrams, Arndt, Kennedy and Kasdan can restore Star Wars.

  17. i believe Star wars will be restored and rise again..... with JJ Abrams loving star wars more than star trek , Arndt making a script that makes sense and connects all the other 6 in line, Kennedy being in every blockbuster movie that turns gold when shes around, and Lawrence kasdan back writing part 8 and producing 7, the originals back in it, Disney connections, Lucas being behind the scenes advising like he always should, and many more ready to put their heart in soul into it, and more real film and backgrounds with less CGI and a new high tech camera film new to the movie world, this might be the greatest movie ever.... it will connect the last 3 generations of Star Wars all in episode 7...... this will be a fun ride....

  18. 'Star Wars: Episode VII' News and Teaser Coming Sooner Than Later?

  19. Almost a week later and still no announcements. Good one dickheads!