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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Debunked! A Student from Hillsdale College Cast in Star Wars: Episode 7.


According to a FAKE article on The Hillsdale Collegian "student Joseph Craig has successfully completed the Episode VII audition proceess and has been selected for a character role in the film"...


The site debunked the rumor:

 On Nov. 21, The Collegian reported false information in an article about a student cast in “Star Wars: Episode VII.” As far as The Collegian’s editors and reporters know, the part has not yet been cast. We apologize for this error.

At least the guy got his 15 minutes of fame. He did well. :)

The whole story:

Senior Joseph Craig was recently given a part in Star Wars Episode VII, which is set to release in December  2015.

“The rumor was that the audition was for one of the youth leads,” the Hillsdale College student said.

Sophomore Micah Meadowcroft, another student who attended the meet and greet, heard about  it through the website,, which advertised a meet and greet for young men and women looking to audition for the film.

“The meet and greet was part of the studio’s efforts to cast the two young leads for Star Wars VII,” Meadowcroft said.

After hearing about the audition from his friend senior Nick Allen, Craig decided to audition.

star wars
Since he was not aware that parts were available until the last step of the audition, he was not nervous or worried at all, which he agrees is a large part of the reason he was selected for a part.

“I didn’t think it was a real audition, only a publicity stunt, which relaxed me a bit,” Craig said.

According to Craig, the process was simple. A few individuals were brought to a table and shook hands with the casting team. If the team liked one of the candidates, they would be brought back into a room and told to read lines. From this group, the casting team decided who would be given the part.

“It was a lot more laid back than you’d think,” Craig said.

Craig is not allowed to release any information about his part or any information about the movie. His casting director, Maryellen Aviano of Buena Vista Home Entertainment, strictly warned him not to release anything about his role.

“They didn’t tell me too much about my role, and the script won’t be released until the spring. It’s all pretty hush-hush,” Craig said.

episode 7

The process was not the same for all the Hillsdale students who attended the meet and greet, however.

Junior Julie Finke’s audition only went as far as the handshake. She was still able to submit her headshot and name to the casting director, in case there is spot for her, and has a positive outlook about her chances.

“When you put yourself out there, maybe something great will come along,” Finke said.

According to Finke, there was plenty to do at the casting call. The casting crew had actors in Muppet Stormtroopers for pictures and Star Wars madlibs available for those planning to audition to fill out. Finke and Meadowcroft, who went with her, met many fellow actors and actresses planning to audition that day.

“The experience itself was great,” Finke said.

Craig is excited to begin filming, which starts in the summer of 2014.

“I’m glad I went,” Craig said. “it turned out pretty well for me.” 

Looks like the picture I posted here was for another Joseph Craig. He is a managing director and has nothing to do with the student.

Thanks for the heads up guys. 

Source: hillsdalecollegian
             (via JediNews)


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  2. Isn't it obvious what happened? The guy went to the open auditions and got a call-back that he then mistook for an actual job offer.
    That's not even a rumor, that's just a plain misunderstanding.

  3. hmmm.. very skeptical. Very skeptical indeed. You could say I find my lack of faith disturbing.

  4. This doesn't sound right. It's too sudden. Auditions are scheduled til the end of November in the UK.

    1. Dec 3rd is the last day to submit video auditions. Why would they make a decision so soon?

  5. Lol at the picture of Joe Craig. He doesn't really look like someone who would be in Star Wars.

  6. It's obviously not for real guys.

  7. Didn't the cast call say 'Must be handsome'

    1. He looks pretty handsome to me ;)

  8. Viral, that's not the picture of the right Joseph. That photo is of a Joseph Craig is an American working on Broadway.

  9. Yeah that isn't the right Joseph Craig. I found that same picture on this site

  10. I'm like, 99.9% sure I got the right pics:


    The story has been retracted.

    1. Well, no one cried when Clinton lied. :P But, really? How did the kid think he'd get away with that kind of claim?

  12. Good gawd!!! If that fella is casted, we getting ourselves another Hayden Christenson. Shit, don't tell me Lucas is involved in casting.

    The other fella with the specs, I think he fits better than that young fella.

  13. this just in: no news forthcoming anytime soon. that is all.

  14. that guy is ugly what the hell are they thinking casting that curly-haired jessie?

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