Star Wars Episode 7 News

Friday, November 1, 2013

Star Wars Twitter Buzz.

episode 7

Several interesting tweets from the last few days.


  1. Star Wars Episode 7 .... Rise of the Space Herpie ......
    ... 35 years of boring shit without anything has spread like butter everywhere.....But all of the sudden, a dark cloud has arrived... The Galactic President Cupcakes has issued an investigation into this matter.. The spies have found out a new dark lord has risen.. Darth Stinky has let one off the charts stinking the area up,and has pissed off Cupcakes... He has ordered the Fighters of the Twinkie Clan to shoot down his underwear as soon as they can... As they arrive at the scene, they suddenly drop fast due to the toxic waste.. " Holy shit !!! ", the captain replies... " We need a mop !!! "... Cupcakes is lost and calls Butterfingers to help. However he has gotten fat and lazy over the boring years and decided to retire. Cupcakes is mad but Butterfingers tells him to " Pucker up buttercup !!! Go fuck your momma !!!"...Now Cupcakes is backed in a corner. Lost and dazed, Darth Stinky makes his way to planet Your Anus. Only time will tell if the Galactic world can stop Darth Stinky from shitting on everyone.. The film will be shot in 69 ways from sunday ice cream. Filming begins soon and it aint being released on this fucking day.... : )))))

    1. You are a fucking retard

    2. Cocaine is a hell of a drug, ain't it?

  2. I`ll have some of what mr.WiLdCaRd is smoking please. :)

  3. Jezzzzzz, tho I love me some official news but these tweets, rumors, people who know people who know people working inside crap and all those decoded bullshits like the recent OT teaser leading to news on the 30th November are getting me jaded! All of these are leading us into nothing.

    We know who's on Avengers and what's new, who the villian, which new characters etc etc and we know who's back in Avatar 2, 3 and 4. We know Tony Jaa will be in FF7. We know Ben Effingfleck will be in Superman vs Batman... but SW? Nothing! Is Disney being smart about keeping mum? Mother Fu...... Actually, this is pissing us off!

    At this point, I think I am more interested to know if JJ will be back to helm ST3?

    And Kerot, I like to have what WiLdCaRd is smoking too!

  4. Hey, everyone trashed my idea of a mixed Star Wars movie with combos of Old republic, new, Thrawn, EU calling Knights Of A New Dawn...... but no i got crashed and burned like a bacon and grilled to the bones.. so i now will do spacy spoofs and i cronic spazz far far away.....

  5. How dare Ali Arikan say "told ya" when he's been wrong so many times in the past.

  6. I'm scared to even check the news for Star Wars VII anymore... Because we're either going to get unfounded rumors or more bad news from Lucasfilm.


  7. OK FANS..I GOT A SOLUTION ON HOW TO KEEP ENTERTAINED UNTIL PART 7 INFO COMES OUT....... WiLdCaRd presents.. Star Bars Episode I coming on next article..... There will be 7 YA !!!

  8. Star Wars Episode VII: Ewok vs. Gungan

    Jar Jar: Meesa back!
    Wickett: Yub yub.
    Jar Jar: Exqueeeze me?
    Wickett: Yub YUB!! [pokes Jar Jar with his spear]
    Jar Jar: How wude!
    [Close up of Wickett's face. He growls.]
    Cut to the ewok village. The ewoks are dancing around a large fire and there's a familiar gungan turning on the spit over the fire.

  9. I hope they don't make it too cutesy with lots of Ewoks. I think SW works best a little dark, Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the Sith are my faves.