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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays!

star wars

Happy Holidays boys and girls. I'm happy that we managed to build a strong community here just for one year starting from scratch. So thanks for your support be well and stay safe. I'm sure next year will be filled with plenty Star Wars thrills, news and announcements...

Happy Holidays from the Dark Side too. :)

And here's a cool list from yahoo about 2013's stupidest Star Wars rumors:

1. Carrie Fisher confirmed as Princess Leia… by James Blunt.

If you missed this story then the headline pretty much says it all. It’s the standard “Friend of X says X is in Y” story but the friend in question is singer-songwriter James bloody Blunt.
Of course it’s been known for a while that Carrie Fisher will return to the series alongside Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford, so the story only really exists because it makes for a barmy but brilliant headline.
While ridiculous, the pair did actually live together and have been friends for a while, so maybe this makes sense.

star wars

2. Florence Welch for leading role.

This one is an absurd casting rumour for the ages. Over the years there have been some corkers - Larry David and Eddie Murphy as The Riddler for example, but at least in those cases they’re actors.

In what reality could anyone possibly believe that Florence Welch (of “& The Machine” fame) could or would land the lead in one of the biggest movies ever made?
Whether someone was pulling The Sun’s leg or they were pulling all of ours, somehow this story was written and published.

star wars

3. Jennifer Lawrence as a young Han Solo.

Okay, so nobody was seriously suggesting this, but the argument made by the Screen Crush article was actually pretty strong.

The article argues that the only thing preventing Lawrence from being perfect for the role of a young Solo is her lack of Y chromosome, and it makes a lot of sense.

Things only got strange when Lawrence was asked about the article. Delightfully awkward as ever, the Oscar-winner laughed off the idea, calling it “awful” and “awesome” at the same time. “It’ll probably be male, but I have always wanted to play a man,” she added.

star wars

4. Ryan Gosling & Zac Efron to star.

Rumoured at the same time, the pair of poster boys reportedly auditioned for unspecified roles that could have been those of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo’s sons respectively.

Ryan Gosling has never been the type for big budget blockbusters and seeing Efron in ‘Star Wars’ would be strange to say the least, so let’s just assume this was dreamed up as some SEO wizardry.

That said, Efron did pop in an article of ours arguing he might be a good choice for Solo’s son. Maybe we were onto something…

star wars

5. Ewan McGregor back as a force ghost.

Just like Samuel L Jackson, Ewan McGregor - who played Obi-Wan Kenobi in the prequel trilogy - came face-to-face with interviewers baring an abundance of questions about a potential return.

McGregor said himself that he was probably too young and if Obi-Wan was to return the filmmakers would want someone who looks like Sir Alec Guinness. Despite this and despite it being hard to imagine anyone believing  them, the rumours persisted.

star wars

6. The title of Episode VII will be...

Leading up to the release of 'Star Wars: Episode 1' in 1999, one of the most oft-discussed aspects was its subtitle. It was long rumoured to be called 'The Balance of the Force', but instead Lucas in his mighty wisdom opted for 'The Phantom Menace' which sounds (to us anyway) like a euphemism for flatulence.

This time around, the rumours have been swirling again, with Screen Rant reporting the film's working titles to be 'Return of the Sith' and 'Rise of the Jedi', either of which would be an improvement on 'Phantom Menace'. Elsewhere 'A New Dawn' has been suggested, but that's a little too close to 'A New Hope' for our liking.

star wars

7. Rise of the Thespians.

Many serious actors have been linked with roles in 'Episode VII' including Chiwitel Ejiofor, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, but this rumour, courtesy of film blogger El Mayimbe at Latino Review, takes the biscuit.

He linked Oscar-winning method actor Daniel Day-Lewis with a part in the new film after... wait for it... spotting the thespian having lunch with George Lucas and the film's producer Kathleen Kennedy.

We'd love to see this happen, but we think Day-Lewis' immersive acting technique would probably require him to actually be able to use the Force before he took the part.

And finally the Holidays won't be the same without the Happy Life Day song! :)))

P.S. There won't be a Wednesday Tease article tomorrow. In the next 2 days I'll be in a place where the internet is not welcomed. :) 
If you like you can post the vintage video from tomorrow in the comments section. Thanks and Cheers! 


  1. Happy Christmas, Viral Hide. Keep up the good work.

  2. I have fulfilled my New Years resolution early and have just registered. Happy New Year!!!!

  3. Thanks for a continued job well done! Happy Holidays to all of you Star Wars Maniacs! 2014 will feature tons of Star Wars 7 news. We'll even have our first pics from principal photography sometime this year! Here we go!

  4. Merry Christmas everyone!

  5. A very Star Xmas and a Wars new year to all of you.

  6. This new year will be a great new year!!! May the force be with us!!

  7. Merry Christmas from Catalonia! ;)
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  8. Happy holidays everyone :) hopefully the new year brings us some announcements. Coming here is always one of the highlights of my day, great site Viral

  9. I hope there is some Star Wars news on Christmas Day but knowing Disney there probably won't be.

  10. Life Day is November 17th.

  11. Merry Christmas everyone! Viral Hide: Thanks for all you do on this site! It's great to have Star Wars news all on one site!

  12. Merry Christmas from Sweden (in my native language GOD JUL) looking forward to discuss all rumours & speculations next year to ease the pain of waiting (& patience maybe learn) great work Viral Hide & everyone on this site that is serious :)

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  13. Happy holidays from the UK. Very excited to see what happens over the coming year. Top things I want to see (that I think may realistically happen in the next 365 days): 1. Announcement of the big three, 2. Photos of the new Millennium Falcon set and 3. Title of the new movie.
    Have fun everybody!

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  15. A belated Merry Christmas to you too, Viral Hide. And to the rest a' youse mugs too! ;^)

    I'm digging the little SW community that's starting here. Looking forward to seeing where this whole Episode VII dealio goes this next year. I may or may not sneak away once the real spoilers start coming down the pike, but I think we've got a bunch of cool stuff to find out about before we get to that point.

    Be well, everyone. See ya 'round the ol' funny farm!

  16. "Strong community?" Are you kidding?! All I have to do is say " I liked the prequels" and everyone tears me apart like wild lions.

    1. You're probably right. But I think the situation improved significantly in the last few months. First many people were offensive mainly because of the "anonymous"option but lately I see that more and more people use their own names. I don't want to star a debate here but I like the prequels. Surely they're not great but they are Star Wars. I doubt there are many real Star Wars fan who can't find anything to like in the prequels.

  17. What is C3PO doing in what appears to be a bottomless sexy girl's Santa outfit?

  18. Happy Holidays. Love this site

  19. Merry (belated) Christmas to all the Star Wars fans on this site. Guess it's not easy sourcing news, trying to moderate this forum etc. but good job Viral. Have a safe and prosperous new year and may the force be with us all.