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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lucasfilm Story Group Developing One Cohesive Star Wars Canon.


Here are some interesting tweets from Leland Chee suggesting that Lucasfilm are developing one cohesive Star Wars canon for all future movies, TV, games and publishing...

Leland Chee is a Lucasfilm official and the person who maintains the Holocron continuity database which is used internally by Lucas Licensing to keep track of all of the fictional elements created for the Star Wars universe. He also sometimes answers questions about continuity from fans. Chee also maintains the Indycron continuity database, the equivalent database for the Indiana Jones universe.

Here's what he said:

Sounds very ambitious. Looking forward to some more info about this Group.

Source: JediNews


  1. I hope the new material is worthy enough to be considered canon alongside the films that've already been created and labeled as such.

    1. I would assume that's the reference point they are building from. The original movies that is. Including the prequels...

      I have a feeling Expanded Universe stuff will just be considered alternate reality or something. However they may use alien's worlds and species created from it.

    2. Yeah, that seems logical. I was gonna say, if they're going to consider the expanded universe canon and not include any of it in the sequel trilogy, there's really no reality in that. However, I'm certain that will not be the case.

    3. It's no concern of mine that the prequels are considered canon. They're a hell of a lot better than TCW series.

    4. Of COURSE the prequels are considered canon, silly.

    5. Yes, I know. They may not be the greatest trilogy of the saga, but they are very important for the story's continuity.

    6. The TCW series is pretty ace. I could only see the prequel trilogy being better for someone who really hates CGI.

      No it's not for kids just because it's in CGI. So many dramatic deaths.

  2. Altering the canon seems to defeat the purpose of having a canon. Despite that my advice would be to just take it as a collection of fictional work (which it is BTW) and enjoy whichever parts you personally find enjoyable.

    1. It's become so much more than that, though. It's an ever expanding universe that hundreds of thousands of people emerse themselves in. With a franchise like Star Wars, you've got to have a means of organizing the material to satisfy your world-wide fanbase. That is what they're attempting to accomplish here.
      "I am altering the canon, pray I don't alter it further."

  3. I personally think this is absolutely terrific news. Star Wars should be above the silliness that has introduced itself to mainstream comics with alternate dimensions, realties, etc. (And I say this as a fan of Marvel and DC, Star Wars is simply greater). This should have been done circa "Heir to the Empire," but now is as good of a time as any.

  4. Wow well I will still only consider the movies and maybe Kotor cannon myself. but very interesting no less.

    1. Agreed, canon is episodes 1--9. thats it

    2. Its hardly your place to say what is and isn't canon. Fans don't get to decide. The books and games are canon, like it or not.

  5. actually this is interesting... For exemple, i dont know how the clone wars on the cartoon network episodes interacts with the Clone wars CGI series. For me, i think they should keep the canon thing the way that always was, but control is needed just to things dont get confuse or bad. one of the things i like in star wars is that the saga has more than 20.000 years of universe chronology. This is fucking awesome

  6. i hope they trim back the bigger picture. one of the things i did not care for in the EU is how Fett & Solo faced off so often, without anything really being resolved...or the Empire was constantly battled without anything being resolved...or the new Sith and fallen Jedi seem to drop like rain with any long term consequences. after awhile it just seems redundant. i wish in future EU and canon they really look long term and decide if it is worth keeping a villain returning if it makes them seem inept. -prymal

    1. For everything you pointed out is the exact reason why the EU needs to be completely ignored or at lease kept as an entirely separate entity

    2. Doesn't sound like you've read very many SW books during the last 15 years.
      The canon is already established until around 40ABY and then there's a gap until 120-something ABY where the comics pick up.

      The story has made a lot of progress. By 40ABY the empire is no longer evil. It's not true that the status quo never changes.

      These tweets give no indication that the book continuity will be deleted, if anything we can interpret it to mean that they're pulling everything back into the "main canon". The books should always have been considered canon anyway, they're the official continuation of the movies' story, and most of the major plot arcs are way better than the prequels ever were at the very least.
      At its best, the book series can be better than even the original trilogy, or at least makes the universe that much more deep and interesting.

    3. "The books should always have been considered canon anyway, they're the official continuation of the movies' story."
      That is not true at all... If that were the case, then episode VII would be entirely based on EU characters and events, but since Disney has made it abundantly clear that episodes VII, VIII and IX will be a story of their own, that'd make the EU plots irrelevent. The fictional reality of Star Wars would contradict itself time and time again if the expanded universe were considered canon.
      Where is your evidence that the EU is "official?"

    4. " If that were the case, then episode VII would be entirely based on EU characters"

      It could still introduce new characters in addition to the other characters people already know and love.

      "and events"

      It would take place after the stories that were already written about in the books. Nobody is asking for a retelling of those same stories. I really wish you people would get this right.

      "but since Disney has made it abundantly clear that episodes VII, VIII and IX will be a story of their own, that'd make the EU plots irrelevent"

      They never said anything like that. They said it would be a new, original story, which means not based on any existing book. This could easily mean "takes place after the book stories", in the same way that the books take place after the OT story.

      "The fictional reality of Star Wars would contradict itself time and time again if the expanded universe were considered canon"

      Only in minor ways that are irrelevant unless the writers went against GL's specific instructions. Like, when he said not to write against Boba Fett's past. Somebody disobeyed, their book is not canon. That's fair.
      He also said not to write any stories past 43ABY, most likely because the new trilogy of movies was going to cover that.

      "Where is your evidence that the EU is "official?""

      Do you know what official means? The books and characters therein are official, otherwise they would not have been allowed to be published. It would be a slap in the face of hardcore fans if they were now to retcon everything.
      Which maybe they will (or maybe they won't, there's no evidence either way yet), but even if they do, don't act like those stories never counted; until they officially announce it, this is still the authorized, official continuation of the story.

    5. And for the record, the prequels contradict the original trilogy in many ways as well, yet they're canon. Minor contradictions are just something you're gonna have to come to accept if you're a SW fan.

  7. So some of the EU will stay but they will have to re-write 30+ years of back story ?....

    1. It seems more like the opposite to me. It says they're trying to make just "one cohesive canon". If they were saying that the books are separate from the movies that would be not one, but 2 different continuities.
      Keep your hopes up. As of now there is still no evidence that they are actually going to delete the post-ROJ history and ruin Star Wars forever.

  8. Again, this brings us back to the 1 million dollar question:

    how MUCH of the Expanded Universe is Disney going to follow? Or are they going to throw the whole thing out the window and expect fans to accept their version of what "really" happened?

  9. Guessing Rebels, The Clone Wars, Episodes 1-3, Episodes 4-6, Episodes 7-9, and EA's video far are pretty safe to say are canon.

  10. Hey guys, I need a english lesson here. What is the word "canon" meaning inn this setting?

    1. With one word It's means official. With many words:
      "In fiction, canon is the material accepted as "official" in a fictional universe. It is often contrasted with, or used as the basis for, works of fan fiction. The term "canon" can be used either as a noun, referring to "the original work from which the fan fiction author borrows, or as an adjective to describe whether or not certain elements are accepted as authoritative parts of the fictional universe. Fan-fiction would be described as "non-canon," while an event from the official source material would be "canon."

  11. I interpret these to mean that everything that doesn't contradict the movies is still canon.
    Hopefully the new trilogy will fit snuggly between 40-something ABY and 120-something ABY. Post-Crucible but Pre-Legacy comics.

    This is what true SW fans who have been following the series for all these years really want. The new trilogy could be amazing if it was about Allana's coming of age and her becoming the Jedi queen.

    With Ben, Zekk, Taihiri and Jaina, we already have a great supporting cast, not to mention, of course, Han, Luke and Leia. The new trilogy could easily introduce those characters to the new audience in a way that does not necessitate knowledge of any previous publications.

    I would very badly want to see Luke and Leia team up against Abeloth in a fight to the death, that would be amazing.

    Star Wars fans have been following the official series for the last 30+ years, we don't want the continuity to be deleted. Please make all major works and publications canon.
    Deleting the post-ROJ canon would make hardcore fans very upset. I've been reading these books since I was 13 years old. I am now 28, and want to keep enjoying the continuation of the story that I've grown to love so much. There is a way to do this and keep everyone happy. It's not as messy or complicated as some people are trying to make it; it really isn't.
    Hopefully the new team in charge of this will do the right thing.

    1. hopefully Disney will do as Lucas did and keep the EU mostly separate from the films themselves. I have every novel written between 77 & 05 and i do not want to see much EU in the films. a character here or there whatever, but being separate is probably the closest thing to keeping everyone happy. -prymal

    2. Star Wars is Star Wars, there's only one continuity. The books and movie are all part of the same time line. And, according to those tweets, it will continue to be that way. The only question is, will future publications/movies delete the already established post-ROJ history, ( which would be stupid), or have Episode 7 pick up where the books currently stopped.

      The latter would be the smartest thing to do, by the way. As of right now, 43ABY is a great jump-in point for new audiences, the new movie could introduce the characters to new audiences while keeping the established SW fans happy.
      There would be no need to have any knowledge of previous SW history, but those who were already following it would be satisfied to see it being continued in movie format. THIS is the only way to make everyone happy.

      If they're serious about this only-one-canon thing, (and I hope they are), then they should keep their story straight. Episode 7 should be a new story, but everything that happened before, happened. But that doesn't mean you'd need to know anything about it to enjoy the new movie.

    3. I agree with the first post in this group.

      Star Wars can pick up just beyond the reach of the novels now (with the Empress Jaina Fel and the Imperial Knights (Royal Guards with Force powers loyal to Han and Leia's daughter's lineage) in the New Empire. Jaina will be late twenties or roughly 30. (They cast the ladies younger for these roles so they won't age in 3 movies).

      She'll be the focus of Episode 7.

      Ben Skywalker will be the focus of Episode 8, under Luke's training, with his cousin's Empire and example of "what not to do with the Force.

      Allanah Solo (probably about 10 years old in E7 will come of age to help her aunt, Jedi cousin (Luke's son) and grandparents by Episode 9.
      The comics have continued with Ania Solo - who could only originate from (deceased Darth Caedus' - Jacen Solo's line.

      Hasbro is making a figure of Darth Caedus now - it's in the Walmart computer system for their "black series" figures. (That's Jacen Solo wearing all black - or dressed like E3 Anakin, sort of.)

      Though up in the air right now, Del Rey is releasing a 3 novel series about Jaina Solo - who might or might not be married to Jagged Fel at that point. - I assume the Fel Dynasty is elected from Baron Soontir Fel, or his son and daughter-in-law Jaina, like Queen Amidala was elected. Then the Fels run the New Empire for generations. (They are not bad-guys).

      Episode 9, Ben Skywalker will need cousin Jaina's help to defeat the Sith enemy (Zekk? as Darth-Somebody?) and Jaina will show the family, and Allanah Solo, that she is still the Sword of the Jedi and all family differences might be resolved. (I have no idea about Jaina's relationship with Han and Leia, but because she killed Jacen, I don't think it's a comfortable one).

      Also, a lesson to be learned for Ben Skywalker, since cousin Jacen's actions led to Ben's mother's death (Mara Skywalker) and Luke probably was trying to teach his son that revenge of the Jedi is not the way. Obviously, with Mara being Jaina's former master, she had other ideas about revenge. She's a Solo, thus the prefect rogue Jedi that could make herself an Empress.

      Chewie fans (I actually AM one - he was my first favorite SW character) - well, he'll be returning in the between movies - like Young Han Solo, and Boba Fett. There will be plenty of Chewie, but he's dead for E7-9. Only missing Harrison Ford playing off him. But the new Young Han, if cast well, will work well.

      Harrison Ford's big role he wanted if he returned, will either be corralling his wayward daughter Jaina, when Han has no Force powers, or trying to protect young grand-daughter Allanah, from perhaps even the return of Boba Fett.

      The young cast could be:

      competing for Jaina like Han and Luke were both interested in Leia:

      Zekk- turns to Dark Side (dangerous for Jag Fel)

      Jag Fel

      Jaina Solo-Fel

      Ben Skywalker

      Queen Mother Tenel Ka (Allanah Solo's mother)


      Boba Fett.
      Obi-Wan's ghost perhaps (portrayed by Ewan McGreggor)

      If Ian McDiarmid, Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Jimmy Smits are cast, I suspect it will be for live action Clone Wars movies, or my favorite - that Padme wasn't so weak to die of a broken heart, and a handmaiden had a royal funeral instead. That way Padme raises baby Leia until she actually is killed - by Darth Vader - who doesn't know he or his orders led to that (kind of like Owen and Beru who Vader would likely not have killed outright - he would know they hadn't seen the Death Star plans in R2 if he were aware that R2 was the droid that had the plans and made it to the Lars' homestead.

    4. ^Best post.

      "Chewie fans (I actually AM one - he was my first favorite SW character) - well, he'll be returning in the between movies - like Young Han Solo, and Boba Fett."

      Don't forget there's also Lowbacca (Chewbacca's nephew) who can probably be considered an adult now.
      I'm picturing a scene where Han and Lowbacca participate in some kind of ceremony to honor Chewie's memory (thus letting viewers know that he died several years ago and that Han is still bitter about it).

    5. Also I want Boba Fett to find a cure for his nanovirus and die a peaceful death on his homeworld

    6. Yeah, that's true. I forgot about Lowbacca.

      For a while there, George didn't want there to be Wookiee Jedi, but Plo Koon's master had also been one.

      I don't see why there can't be. But seeing the Barabel Jedi might also be cool.

      But that's a good way to introduce Chewie's death with 30 second or less dialogue, in there for those who haven't kept up with the books. And it let's Harrison Ford play off a Wookiee, though I'm sure Lowie won't be hanging around the elder Solos unless he takes on Uncle Chewie's life debt and wishes to protect and train Allanah Solo because her father doesn't have the Force.

      It'd be an interesting dynamic to play off Han's character:

      The only non-Force sensitive in his family, he's lost Chewie, I'm sure after the death of his Jedi sons Anakin and Jacen, he is sick of the Force - and he and Leia might have no love for Jaina - or maybe they've even distanced themselves from Luke too - as it's taken that Jaina killed the last Solo son to avenge her master, Mara, and Luke and Ben didn't do enough to stop her since they loved Mara. Thus Jaina is off establishing her New Empire.

      Now Han has to deal with another Wookiee, this one with The Force, raising his grand-daughter Allanah to "run off on some fool idealistic crusade like her father did."

      Harrison wanted meaningful story arcs if he came back as Solo:

      1) deal with a new Wookiee with The Force this time (Lowie) with a legit reason to protect his family (Uncle Chewie's legacy)

      2) try to raise a grand-daughter away from the wars and service as a Jedi which killed his sons and estranged his daughter.

      3) accept Allanah becoming a Jedi Knight by Episode 9 and restoring his love for Jaina when she comes back to save them all in Episode 9 when Ben Skywalker gets in over his head - thereby also making an uneasy peace with the Skywalkers, since the Solos "killed" Mara and took her from Luke and Ben.

      Zekk could become the new Dark Lord, and competing for Jaina's love as he always had, would force her to protect Jagged (who we know she marries and has children with) - and establish the Imperial Knights because there's some reason the Jedi cannot defeat Zekk.

      But it will start off how Zekk and Jag compete for Jaina, the way Han and Luke competed for Leia (in E7).

      Again, Episode 8 will be Ben Skywalker becoming a full Jedi Knight and possibly facing the Dark Side, maybe even falling after the death of his mother, Mara, which Zekk uses to twist Ben towards the Dark Side making him angry with the Solos.

      Damn! That's perfect! Of course that's why it will never happen.

    7. Hey, just curious, but is there a reason why Zekk would become Dark? I know that he did when he first appeared in the series (The Lost Ones) because he was a poor kid from the streets, and felt rejected when he was hanging out with the Solos...
      However, in recent stories I wasn't getting the vibe that Zekk was going to turn to the dark side... isn't he a member of the secret society that's supposed to protect the Hapan queen with their lives?

    8. There is no good reason why he would go to the Dark Side.

      I would retcon it a little to say he was a street gang leader on Coruscant, in the underworld. Or became one as a Jedi leader during the Vong Wars.

      Then I would compound jealousy of (defenseless Jagged Fel) on top of that, as we know Jaina chooses him. Any guy would be jealous if they ever had a good chance with Jaina Solo and lost her to "the other guy - who's not even a Force-wielder - and weak next to any Jedi."

      If he stays a member of the secret society that protects the Hapan Royalty and he's a secret Sith, there is a tie-in for Allanah Solo, as he corrupts the youngster when Queen Mother Tenel Ka requests Zekk to protect her - which is why Lowbacca steps in and takes over as Allanah's Jedi Master.

      This just keeps getting better (for people who know these characters). The rest of the folks will probably knock it, begrudging us who had fun with this new generation).

    9. Keep your hopes up.
      We still don't know if the book canon will be retconned or not. Regardless of how many people want to misinterpret the "it's an original story" quote, in reality, we still have no confirmation either way.

  12. Blahhhhhhh.....grow up.....all of wars is not reallllllll !!!!!

    1. It amuses me that you're saying this as if you were telling us something that we didn't obviously know already.