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Monday, January 13, 2014

Peter Mayhew Shares Some Really Cool Photos from the Star Wars Set.


The actor who played Chewbacca shared a pretty unique collection of photos from the set of the original Star Wars movies on Twitter. Some of them you might have seen but Peter's comments are really priceless...

Here are some of them:

Damn, I just wanted to post a few but they are all great. Thanks Peter for sharing these. For even more photo check out Peter's Twitter account.


  1. So epic. Honestly the detailed models are why these SFX still hold up all these years later. I wish I had that Star Destroyer setup in the middle of some showcase room!

  2. These are heartwarming. I hope Mayhew has a small part in the sequel trilogy; a cameo, crew position or anything. The guy loves the saga and working with the beloved cast.

  3. Great photos and excellent commentary by Peter. He seemed to be quite randy at all times just like a good Brit

  4. I think he's maybe, possibly trying to help himself get noticed and put himself back in the front of people's minds...people like JJ, perhaps? I would hope JJ has already decided to bring him back. He's a spry 69 and I'm sure Chewie would have couple more gray hairs by now, right? Would we want anyone else inside that giant, walking rug? My old brother reminded me recently that when Star Wars came out (I was almost 4) that I was immediately drawn to Chewbacca but couldn't pronounce it. It came out "Bob Barker."