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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Schedule of Star Wars Weekends 2014 Revealed.

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Star Wars Weekends are back in 2014. The Event will take place through 5 consecutive weekends in May and June. Host of the show will be James Arnold Tylor, the voice of Obi-Wan from The Clone Wars...


From disneyparks blog
As the Rebel Alliance continues its fight for freedom and democracy in the Star Wars galaxy, the phantom puppetmaster himself, Darth Sidious (aka Emperor Palpatine), has issued a new galactic decree about Star Wars Weekends 2014 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

While some of his blue-hued holographic transmission was garbled, the Emperor has ordered his Galactic Empire to create a demonstration of force and power that can be seen high above Disney’s Hollywood Studios during Star Wars Weekends 2014. This has caused much talk in the galaxy that a gala fireworks show featuring Star Wars music will be presented each evening this year.

When consulted, several protocol droids further translated the Emperor’s message. These translations reinforced the conclusions that there will be a new evening experience for Star Wars Weekends guests on Hollywood Blvd. in the Walt Disney World Resort theme park.
star wars
When the Rebel Alliance secretly learned of the Emperor’s plans from a hidden message decoded from an astromech droid, they decided to extend the galactic gala one more weekend in 2014.
In order to convince more guests to join the Rebellion, a 5th weekend is now being added to Star Wars Weekends 2014. The new event dates are every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May 16-June 15, 2014. The theme for this year’s event is, appropriately, “Join the Rebellion.”
    Weekend I: May 16 – 18, 2014
    Weekend II: May 23 – 25, 2014
    Weekend III: May 30 – June 1, 2014
    Weekend IV: June 6 – 8, 2014
    Weekend V: June 13 – 15, 2014
 In addition to offering a first-look at this year’s event logo above, we’re pleased to announce James Arnold Taylor will return to Star Wars Weekends 2014 as the event’s official celebrity host. Taylor, a Star Wars Weekends fan favorite, is the voice of hundreds of animated characters, including Obi-Wan Kenobi on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

And here's a taste of the unique experience at a previous event:


  1. i wonder if they willl release any big VII news this may the 4th

    1. They won't because it's what Star Wars fans want.

    2. I've always had an issue with the "May the 4th" thing.

      If fans want a Star Wars Holiday, it really should be May 25th, the date that Star Wars was released in 1977. Or November 17th, which is Life Day. Or George Lucas' Birthday.

      Or something meaningful like that, rather than just a pun.

      Of course we could just celebrate them all too. lol

    3. November 17th isn't "Life Day"

    4. Yes. It is.

  2. Here's a heads up. Harrison Ford is in negotiations, along with Kevin Costner, Ed Harris and Andy Garcia on a new TV Series by A&E and History Channel called Texas Ranger, in Durango, México the series is to begin filming in March this year, and have a production time of 19 weeks. It is unclear whether these actors will be occupied during all of the 19 weeks, but if so, it would probably mean that Harrison Ford is not going to be in Episode VII. SOURCE: and several other mexican news outlets.

    1. It doesn't necessarily mean that at all.

      All it means is that Harrison Ford is in negotiations to be in a TV show.

      Ford's been doing a lot of bit parts and character acting as of late, so there's no reason that this couldn't be more of the same. If so, he probably won't need to be on set for very long to be in the show.

      Additionally, there's always a chance that Han Solo will get the death that Ford wanted him to have in Return of the Jedi. If that's the case, his role in Episode VII could end up being another bit part/character acting role, in which case his time on set for VII might be short as well.

      In any case, all we really know is that he's in negotiations for this show.

    2. For any TV production to get Ford, even with Costner, Harris etc. They would plan the whole production around his schedule even on a whim. So that alone of a 19 week shooting roster means little or what length his role is.When Bruce Willis wanted 3 million for 3 days of Work on Expendables, the part went to Ford based on Sly showing Mr. Willis how "expendable" he is.
      We have no Idea about what is really being decided until we are told or see the finished product.