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Friday, June 14, 2013

Star Wars Episode 7 Adds Veteran Concept Artists Doug Chiang and Iain McCaig! announced that both artists will take part in this year's Star Wars Celebration Europe in Messe Essen, Germany from July 26-28. They also revealed that they will be part of the future Star Wars movies as they were part of the previous. Read the official press release and see some of their exceptional work after the break...

Artists Doug Chiang and Iain McCaig, both instrumental in shaping the look of the Star Wars saga, reunited at the start of this year as part of the team Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has assembled to create an exciting new future for Star Wars. They are adding to their busy schedules a visit to Star Wars Celebration Europe, the can't-miss Star Wars fan event in Messe Essen, Germany, July 26-28. There, they will discuss their careers, their work on past Star Wars films, and show some of their incredible artwork from earlier projects.

Chiang was already an Academy Award-winning art director and the creative director at ILM when he was selected by George Lucas to serve as the design director for Episode I, leading the team of talented artists to establish a unique visual aesthetic that would define the glorious pre-Imperial era of the Star Wars galaxy. Chiang's detailed designs perfectly balance the impact of strong lines and clear silhouettes with the intricate complexities required to create believable, iconic imagery for a new generation of Star Wars fans. Chiang also served as concept design supervisor for Episode II, and his other screen credits include production designer for The Polar Express, Beowulf, Disney's A Christmas Carol and Mars Needs Moms.

McCaig is best known for his landmark designs for Darth Maul and Queen Amidala. As one of the principal designers on Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III, his art helped create hundreds of iconic characters, creatures, costumes, and story sequences for the galactic saga (he even cameos as a Stormtrooper in the Special Edition of The Empire Strikes Back). McCaig's other film credits include Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, John Carter of Mars, and Outlander (which he co-produced), as well as Marvel's The Avengers and their forthcoming Guardians of the Galaxy.

"It's wonderful to be back! It's been over ten years since I last worked on Star Wars but my Star Wars roots have touched nearly every film I've designed since. It's still a bit surreal that I get to work on another one." says Chiang. "I was fortunate enough to have been a guest at the very first Star Wars Celebration in Denver back in 1999, and I was overwhelmed then by the appreciation of the art from the fan community. I'm very honored to attend again and meet new fans."

"Getting out from behind our drawing boards and meeting the folk we create these movies for is always a treat," says McCaig. "The feedback from fans around the world has helped shape many a design in the Star Wars universe." Asked about his work on upcoming Star Wars movies, McCaig smiles. "I never thought I'd live to see this day. It's pure magic to have the band back together again."

Some of their exceptional work:
(Doug Chiang)

(Iain McCaig)



  1. With all due respect to Mr's Chiang and McCaig, this is the first official bad news of the whole E7 shebang so far as far as i'm concerned. Their art is lovely but the designs were just not star wars in the prequels. the only places the design work shined was when it rehashed McQuarrie's work. I know Lucas wanted the prequels to stand apart and not have as much of the "used universe" look - but to bring aboard the visual directors of the prequels when what most fans are MOST excited about is the chance to return to the glory days of models, low-fi graphics and familiar ships/designs - it just feels off.

    1. The concept artists are just there to bring visuals to the writer's work. It has already been stated that jj does not want to use to much cgi and that he wants to bring a more natuaral feel to the new films.

  2. I have fear of Doug Chiang's recruitment. I wouldn't like to see recycled ep-I-II-III style in StarWars7.