Star Wars Episode 7 News

Friday, September 27, 2013

Star Wars Fan Bits.

han chewie

Several cool and funny Star Wars bits + the latest casting rumor...

First lets start with the latest casting rumor.

MTV has found out that Megan Fox will probably play Boba Fett in Star Wars: Episode 7 or the Boba Fett spin-off movie. Take a look at the picture she posted on Facebook.

megan fox

The photo was posted with a tagline: "Jealous?"

Few days ago in a similar manner Justin Bieber revealed his involvement with the new Batman/Superman movie... :)

Now here's a great fan suggestion for how to make Star Wars great again:

Now check out Randy Martinez' vision of how the returning characters from the previous movies would look like in Episode 7:

boba fett
 luke and leia
han and chewie

And finally something more serious.
Check out the 10 best starfighters form the movies:



  1. That video of 4 rules nailed it pretty damn well.

  2. Fuck you, Megan Fox. You're already ruining April O'Neil for everyone. Even joking about her involvement grinds my gears. It's just as bad as the rumor of Efron staring in the new films. I trust that J.J. will use common sense.

  3. I'm not sure I agree with the first rule in the video of 4 rules.

    The only real reason that the Original Trilogy was set in the frontier was because that was the best place for the Rebellion to hide from the Empire and survive.

    Without an Empire Vs. Rebellion set up, there's really no reason to restrict it to the frontier.

    And ultimately, I think attempting to clone (yuk yuk) the Original Trilogy, would be just as disastrous as attempting what the Prequel Trilogy had done, if not worse.

    A new story for a new Sequel Trilogy with something that hasn't been done before is what it's in order. Not following a set of rules to maintain some sense of nostalgia.

  4. Hamill, Fisher and Ford Officially Sign Onto 'Star Wars: Episode VII'