Star Wars Episode 7 News

Friday, August 23, 2013

Star Wars: Episode 7 to be Shot on 35mm Film. The Movie Will be Post Converted in 3D.

Daniel Mindel who worked with J.J. Abrams on Mission Impossible 3 and Star Trek movies announced that he will shoot Star Wars: Episode 7 on a 35 mm film... reported the announcement which came from an  event in the ASC Club House, where the cinematographer discussed his first work with J.J. Abrams and other projects like "Domino", and "Shanghai Moon". More specifically the movie will be shot on Kodak film stock 5219.

Now that doesn't come as a surprise but it could actually point out to something more interesting:
J.J. Abrams also shot Star Trek on 35mm film and one of the reasons was that he wanted to shoot with anamorphic. When you shoot with anamorphic you can't shoot in 3D. That's why it is pretty safe to say that Star Wars: Episode 7 will be post converted in 3D, especially after the phenomenal 3D conversion of Star Trek: Into Darkness. And I doubt there is anyone who thinks that Star Wars won't be in 3D...


  1. Great news. More like original trilogy. Now please mr Abrams bring back Chewbacca or other wookies, Darth Vader, Yoda and/or darth maul! Or at least create new superhero which from dark side will turn to jedi. But we want Darth Vader back. As clone or whatever.The clone won’t have any of the physical flaws that Annakin had it will be a perfect superior version of Vader with enhanced powers and new technology.They more or less have to do this, without Vader it’s not really a Star Wars movie.

    1. Sounds too much like a gimmick to bring Darth Vader back (also Yoda, Darth Maul, the Emperor, Mace Windu, or any dead character). Strap a pair on and figure out how to create the next great villian.

    2. Yoda only as a ghost in a quick 3 minute scene or something. Darth Maul no, as it would only be for fan service, I mean he got sliced in half and died.. In the clone wars they brought him back or whatever. But the time from phantom menace to episode 7 is probably around 70 years. I'm guessing Darth Maul was 30 anyway during phantom menace or something. That would make a 100 year old Darth Maul? Really? Umm no thanks. Just bring another character from the same species. Bringing back Darth Maul is beyond stupid.. and bringing Darth Vader back is also one of the most stupid ideas in the entire world I can't even believe you would think any of this is a good idea, please don't go into the film business ..

  2. Every step they take away from the prequels will never be far enough. Keep up the good work JJ and co!

  3. I agree with you! That is why my favoritte title for that news is :

    Star Wars Episode VII to Use Film, Be More Like Original Trilogy

    ps I agree and with you. For next great villian ala Darth Vader/darth maul! But hope this time we have and one cool hero/jedi too. I hope some sith lord ala darth maul gpes to light side. I hear in expanded universe that is already happen so hope and in new stories!

  4. No Darth Vader & No Darth Maul but they can have a Yoda ghost.

  5. Bring back Jar Jar!! But make him a sith lord this time. Plus, it wouldn't be a Star Wars movie without ewoks....

  6. This isn't news.
    Look around -- shooting on 35mm is a trend now.
    "Interstellar" is doing it, etc., etc.

    And as far as bringing back Sith Lords goes, all that happened in ROTJ was DeathStar v2.0
    was destroyed -- the Empire & all of it's minions have gone nowhere.
    In the time between episodes VI & VII, they could've had PLENTY of time to go off somewhere,
    regroup, let the Republic get comfortable & lazy, then stage a devasting counter-attack.
    At least that would mesh with a sensible & believable storyline for episodes VIII & IX.

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  8. I am not interested in seeing sw7 in 3d at all.

  9. no desire at all for Star Wars in 3D... totally not needed

  10. I think the headline is not right at all. We all understand by the story that SW7 will be shot in chemical film. But this will be 70mm film, not 35mm. All major films before digital shooting has been filmed in 70mm format, including SWIV-V-VI trilogy.

    35mm is the film format for exhibitions at theaters (wich is being replaced by digital projectors). It is obvious that final quality will improve if you shoot in a larger frame than the projection format.